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About NIEA

The Network of International Education Associations is an informal group that convenes the leadership of nonprofit, non-governmental associations and organizations that have the main stated purpose to advance international higher education.  They may include other levels of education which serve as pathways to international higher education. The Network advances the global learning of post-secondary education organizations through the exchange of information and dialog, advocacy for international education, professional development, and discovery of new approaches to international education.   The Network meets at least twice annually, often at the NAFSA and EAIE conferences, and in addition at any other venue where a large part of the members are present.  It is intended to be an inclusive group, welcoming participation from all countries and world regions.

Photo of the NIEA Meeting Attendees at the EAIE 2022 conference in Barcelona.

Shared Values

NIEA participating organizations work together to seek fair, equitable and just outcomes throughout the process of internationalization of higher education. This means that we seek to include perspectives and voices from all over the world in an ongoing conversation intended to enhance and promote positive outcomes and mitigate negative externalities influenced by internationalization initiatives. We are continuously seeking input on how we can better serve students, faculty and staff at our member institutions and ensure quality academic outcomes. Please share concerns and suggestions through the Contact Us page linked above.